In this episode: recuperating after launching a new Dutch channel; looking forward to the Tolkien biopic; religion in Star Trek Discovery and a...

Mission first!

How redirecting focus and energy to your core mission, while letting go of distractions and of other people's agendas can generate new energy.

Spider-man Far From Home

In this episode: tough weeks are finally over; Spider-man Far From Home; Throw-away culture and consumerism vs. simplicity and the true cost of...

Red Traffic Lights

About the differences between a common cold, the flu and a burnout and why it's important to never ignore the red lights.

Practically perfect in every way

In this episode of Father Roderick: The Christmas Break that wasn't; Mary Poppins Returns; Bohemian Rhapsody; Spiderman - Into The Spiderverse; The...

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Topics in this episode: Wrapping up for Christmas; reviewing Ralph Breaks the Internet; Mary's role in salvation; Marvel Unlimited and Star Wars: The...

Wild Haggis

In this episode, wrapping up 2018 and lifting a tip of the veil for 2019; Rewatching Harry Potter; Gaudete Sunday; Skepticism and iPhone Battery...

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