Anne Frank in VR

In this episode: The future of Star Wars; Culture Wars; Anne Frank in VR; IGTV and more.

Father’s Day

In this episode: Deadpool 2, looking back at E3, God the Father and Father's Day, the FIFA World Cup, soccer spy apps, fitness apps and gadgets...


In this episode: the root causes of emotional eating, protecting boundaries and trusting your intuition.

Jurassic Rehash

In this episode: Star Wars Celebration Chicago; Jurassic World: Falling Kingdom review; the tragedy of suicide; Life on Mars?; The OnePlus One Phone...

Fortnite Battle Royal

In this episode: Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame; Tolkien TV show announced; revisiting Neverending Story; Fortnite Battle Royal and a review of...

Old Vibes in a New Show!

Father Roderick goes back to a weekly show, streamed live on Facebook and available as a podcast afterwards! The new show brings back favorite...

The Spirit of Change

About the importance of acting with discernment, clarity and courage when everything around you is changing.

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