How having plenty of margin and some creative thinking help mitigate the fall-out from my unexpected medical adventure.

Spider-man stays!

In this episode: Spider-man stays in the MCU; The death of Aron Eisenberg; Watching season 4 of Deep Space 9; Sam Esmail's Battlestar Galactica NOT a...

Most People Are Good

The decisions we make, the trust we give and the faith we have often correlate with how we look at the world and at the people around us. Some...

I got scammed

An update on the development of healthy habits and a story about how I got scammed online - and how I reacted.

The Dark Crystal

In this episode: Finishing LEGO Millennium Falcon; The Dark Crystal first impressions; reviewing Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Also, answering...

The Rise of Skywalker

In this episode: Avatar - The Last Airbender on blu-ray; D23 news with new Star Wars trailers; Windows 10 woes. Plus, can priests watch horror movies?

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