On his walk today, Fr. Roderick uses the Alohomora spell in the game Wizard Unite to free a trapped Unicorn and reflects on other ways to gain more...

Men in Black International

In this episode: a review of Stranger Things Season 2 and of the new Men in Black movie, we talk about the commandment 'honor your father and your...

The Studio Make-Over

Fr. Roderick gives an update about his current projects and talks about the start of an ambitious makeover of the Trideo studios and offices!

The return of Obi-Wan?

In this episode of my weekly podcast, I talk about the rumored return of Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan, I review the HBO series 'Chernobyl', we talk about...


How Jackdaws are taking over my parish church and rectory, a summary of my adventures in Rome and an update on my father's health.

The art of doing less

Where does the drive to work too much come from? Should you always strive for maximum efficiency and productivity? In this episode, I reflect upon...


In this episode: worries about parents; successors to Game of Thrones; the Anointment of the Sick; Star Wars: Solo II campaign.

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