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Father Roderick
A show about movies, travel, fantasy, TV, faith, sci-fi and minimalism.
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The Walk
A podcast in which we walk from one Camino to the next!
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Brick by Brick
Explaining the Catholic Faith with LEGO.
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Archived Shows

The Break
The perfect way to start your day, with a mix of music, news, movies, tv-series, video games, history, health tips, inspiration, science fiction and more.
geekweek logoGeekweek
Fr. Roderick explores all things geek: science, technology and the newest gadgets.
Catholic Insider
In his award-winning travel podcast, Roman Catholic priest Fr. Roderick takes you on a journey of discovery to fascinating places all over the world.
That Star Wars Priest
The Star Wars universe from the perspective of a Catholic priest!

If you’re looking for shows by SQPN, such as Secrets of Doctor Who, Secrets of Star Wars and Let’s Talk, you may now find those exclusively at SQPN.com.

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