00:26 New patrons

01:37 Hard decisions while preparing my move to a new rectory; more details at Trideo.com/TheWalk

04:30 Why I went to the Elfia fantasy festival in Arcen; thoughts about my first Star Wars costume

10:26 Personal memories of meeting Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz Remembering Gary Kurtz

27:05 First impressions of the series ‘Maniac’ on Netflix

30:57 Recent book purchases: Kindle Deals of the Day. Ursula LeGuinn – The Left Hand of Darkness; G.K. Chesterton – Orthodoxy (audiobook); Andy Weir – Artemis; Teresa Driscoll – I am Watching You; John Scalzi – The Collapsing Empire.

35:50 Mix your own drinks at a Harry Potter Bar

39:56 Major break-through in the relations between the Vatican and the Chinese government

49:30 Why I’m excited about the Oculus Quest

1:03:34 Why Carcassonne is my favorite PC game right now

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Image credit: tunechick83 on Pixabay.


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