Slow down, you go too fast

Tips on how to deal with the new situation caused by the Corona virus.

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  • Dearest Father Roderick,

    Our family has been listening to you and your shows for the past 14 years; ever since my husband and I converted to Catholicism. You are like such a friend to us. I am feeling compelled to reach out to you at this moment because our oldest daughter, Juliana, is a christian singer/ songwriter and she literally wrote a song called, ‘Last’ in which the chorus is “Slow, slow down, why you going so fast”? I think you will really appreciate it as well as all of her songs. Her latest release was “Stay Calm” which was released about a week before the Coronavirus became rampant in the United States. We live in Upstate New York. She also wrote a song about her confirmation Saint Gianna Molla and was interviewed on several Catholic Podcasts like Catholic Vitamins and the Orlando, Florida diocese. Gianna’s daughter even reached out to her. Anyway, I hope this comment finds you well. Praying for you and your parents during this unprecedented time. Take care of yourself. In Christ’s Peace and Love, the Grantz family

  • Hello to all
    In this puzzling time, I disposition you all
    Appreciate your one’s nearest and friends

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