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  • Hello Father, you likely won’t see this comment, busy as you are, but I’m going to try anyway! I loved this episode because you came to many conclusions I was hoping you would come to over the last few months. While I understand your changes, as a long-time listener to your content, I’ve found the recent changes difficult. To be perfectly honest (with the sincere hope of giving you useful feedback), your content has become mostly about how you make your content rather than the content itself. I LOVED The Break, it was my number one podcast because I loved hearing your thoughts on life– pop culture, faith, current events, movies, etc. I loved the very personal nature of the original The Walk, and Geekweek always kept me in the know about things I’m not as knowledgable about. As someone that doesn’t create content, the emphasis in The Daily Breakfast and many of your recent The Walk episodes on content creation and behind-the-scenes planning isn’t as engaging…I listen because I love *YOU* but I was drawn to your content originally for your great stories and experiences– getting fit, running marathons, cooking and food, faith and the priesthood, your travels, your experiences, your thoughts on life. I would listen to those episodes over and over, literally 2-10 times each (or more!) depending on how much I connected with your thoughts! I’m so sad to say, I almost unsubscribed back in January because I just felt that even though I love you so much, I just didn’t relate to anything you were putting out anymore. This episode made me so happy! I’m so glad to hear you are rethinking things, and while I won’t get my hopes up for the return of The Break or the old style/themes of The Walk, but you’ve reminded me why I began listening in the first place– you are smart, sensitive to the world of content creation, passionate about engaging with your audience, and just a wonderful guy!! I really look forward to what’s coming, and I think your willingness to course correct is a spot-on strength that is admirable. Thanks for everything, Father!

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