January 2018 Newsletter

In this first newsletter for 2018, we want to highlight our newest content for you!

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The latest Daily Breakfast gives you a quick update on what is happening at Trideo Headquarters!

The Daily Breakfast continues!

We’ve continued producing episodes for our new series ‘The Daily Breakfast’ using the video-first format: you can choose if you want to watch the episodes on line on YouTube or download them as podcast episodes via iTunes or using your podcatcher app on your phone.

This month, Fr. Roderick shares with you how a Vitamin D deficit caused extreme fatigue and how it has impacted his daily routines. He also reviewed several movies, including ‘The Greatest Showman’ and ‘Wonder’.

In the episode ‘Camera Lenses and Microphones’, Father shows what equipment he uses to make The Daily Breakfast and how he is trying to figure out how to do the work flow now his iPhone 6 Plus is dropping frames while filming.

Find all episodes of ‘The Daily Breakfast’ on our website . You can also subscribe there.

The Walk is Back!!

Many people wrote us after The Daily Breakfast’s launch that they missed the long-form audio podcast and hoped for its return. We heard you! The Walk is back!

In the first episode of The Walk in 2018, Fr. Roderick talks about three criteria that can help you discern which opportunities to pursue and which ones to discard.

Find all episodes at our website , which is also where you can (re)subscribe!

A Growing Community!

Over 10,000 people have subscribed to our podcasts in the past months; 936 people subscribed to our brand new YouTube channel!

We want to thank our 148 Patrons and our donors for their financial support. We couldn’t do this without them! Go to Patreon to sign up if you want to help us, too! If you rather support us directly, you can find more information on our donation page.

Coming Up in February!

Leading up to Lent, Fr. Roderick is editing a number of productions for Dutch national TV and a charity supporting various diaconal programs.

For our international audience, we are preparing new episodes of The Daily Breakfast and The Walk.

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