Our Patron Saints

From the moment we started SQPN back in 2005, Greg Willits, Jennifer Willits and I (Fr. Roderick Vonhögen) felt we needed some patron saints to help our mission with their prayers.

We traditionally started our giving campaigns on November 1, on the feast of All Saints. And we entrusted the future of our work to three saints in particular:

– Saint Maximilian Kolbe, patron saint of journalists and amateur radio (in many ways, podcasting was a new form of amateur radio),
– Saint Therese of Lisieux, patron saint of the Missions (we felt like modern media missionaries),
– and to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Star of the New Evangelization.

As we launch our winter giving campaign today in an attempt to raise the $50,000 necessary to continue our mission in the media (www.trideo.com/giving), we add another saint to our list of patrons: Saint John Paul II.

Our first podcasts were recorded in Rome during his last days on earth. His travels around the world and his emphasis on the importance of the New Evangelization continue to inspire us to follow in his footsteps with our Trideo shows.

Saint Maximilian, Saint Therese, Saint John Paul II, Holy Mary, Star of the New Evangelization: pray for us!

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