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Duolingo now offers several new languages, including Klingon and High Valerian. Why would you bother learning fictional languages?

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Featured Image credit: pasja1000 / Pixabay / Creative Commons CC0

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  • How nice to hear you speak about fictional and constructed languages. I dabbled a bit in Lojban, Esperanto and now Elefen.
    I went to visit the classicist, esperantist and christian Gerrit Berveling to buy most of his Esperanto translations of religious books. Did you know the Vatican does Esperanto radio since 1977 to support the ideal of a common human language?

    “Demandate de la fariseoj, kiam venos la Regno de Dio, li respondis al ili: La Regno de Dio ne venos tiel, ke oni gin povos percepti. Oni ne povos diri: Jen tie gi estas, au: Tie. Car vidu: la Regno de Dio estas ene de vi mem.”
    LAU LUKO, 17, 20-21, translation by Gerrit Berveling.

    The fictional language that really captures my imagination is Ithkuil (perhaps inspired by Heinlein’s Gulf).
    A really modern buddhist monastery has appeared near my house and I’m now practicing Chinese calligraphy.

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