In this episode: 00:30 New patrons 01:15 Getting out of the IKEA Ball Pit (listen to The Walk for the whole story) 07:31 Reviewing the Sony movie ‘Venom’. 22:25 A Brief History of Ireland by Richard Killeen is a very enjoyable read. 25:12 The Youth Synod at the Vatican 45:40 Disney releases title and first glimpse of the new Star Wars live action series ‘The Mandalorian’ 55:30 The trailer for Star Trek Discovery season 2 has launched and looks spectacular 57:48 The new season of Doctor Who with a new, female, Doctor. 59:12 Playing board games online. Scythe is a competitive board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period 1:03:45 Google’s Pixel 3 Event; Wear OS 2.0 and Google’s Chrome OS tablet vs. the iPad Pro Subscribe to this podcast’s feed via RSS | iTunes | Google Play. Follow Trideo on YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Subscribe options This show is brought to you free of advertisements thanks to my patrons. Help me to continue to bring you these shows by joining them at Image credit: Sony Pictures

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