In this episode: reviewing Jack Ryan; The Fall of Gondolin released; board games; new Middle-earth themed MMO; LEGO.

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Table of Contents

[03:15] Movies & TV: Reviewing Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video

[14:00] Books: Solo: A Star Wars Story Extended Edition by Mur Lafferty and The Fall of Gondolin by J.R.R. Tolkien. (YouTube explanation)

[22:10] Peculiar Bunch: Why not to close churches (CruxNow)

[28:30] Games: Discovering Carcasonne from the Humble Bundle Digital Tabletop bundle and the announcement of a new Middle-earth themed MMO.

[40:18] LEGO: Lego Hogwarts Castle in micro scale. LEGO instagram accounts (@legomicro and @avanaut). Vesa Lehtimäki on Flickr.

Image credit: Ricardo_Helass on Pixabay.

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