In this episode:

[01:00] Amsterdam Marathon preparations. Listen for the last update to this week’s episode of ‘The Walk’

[03:20] The move to a new rectory on 3 November. It is hard to let go of old souvenirs.

[08:35] A review of ‘First Man’, about the moon landing and Neil Armstrong, the first man that walked on the moon.

[24:15] An update on Andy Weir’s ‘Artemis’. The Audible version is excellent.

[26:40] Looking back on 22 years of priesthood and the promises made during the ordination.

[47:25] Looking forward to building LEGO sets and lighting them. Building LEGO pop-up books.

[55:20] The Philips Hue lights for the new rectory have arrived. They allow for creating various moods in each room of the house.

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