The Walk

The Walk with Fr. Roderick: a podcast in which we walk from one Camino to the next!


How having plenty of margin and some creative thinking help mitigate the fall-out from my unexpected medical adventure.

Most People Are Good

The decisions we make, the trust we give and the faith we have often correlate with how we look at the world and at the people around us. Some thoughts on cynicism and negativity versus optimism and benevolence.

I got scammed

An update on the development of healthy habits and a story about how I got scammed online - and how I reacted.

Healthy habits

We can all develop good and bad habits. Healthy habits, like eating well, taking time for sports and rest, can be very valuable for your overal well-being. The same is true for spiritual habits. But how can you establish better habits and...

In the zone

Sometimes you can reach a hyper-focused, super productive and creative state of mind. The world around you disappears and time flies by without you even noticing it. How can you get into 'the Zone' and how do you stay in it?

How to slow down time by setting new goals

We all experience that time seems to pass by faster when we get older. But there is a remedy: change up your routines and challenge yourself by setting new goals. In this episode, Fr. Roderick shares some of his own goals for the upcoming...

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