The Walk

The Walk with Fr. Roderick: a podcast in which we walk from one Camino to the next!

Be driven by vision not by requests

In this episode of the Walk, Fr. Roderick shares some thoughts about the importance of having a vision of where you want to go instead of letting yourself be driven by other people's requests.

That’s not how the Force works!

: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 59:54 — 55.6MB)Some thoughts on discernment in times of change and upheaval. Subscribe to the feed via RSS | iTunes | Google Play Music. Follow me on social media: Father Roderick on YouTube...

Flattening the Corona Stress Curve

In this episode, I talk about the spiking workload I've been experiencing lately. Like many others, dealing with the constantly changing situation because of the Corona crisis causes quite a bit of extra stress. How can we flatten the curve and...

What I learned about leadership

: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 58:56 — 54.6MB)Because of rapid and radical changes in various areas of my work caused by the Coronacrisis, I had to step in and take the lead on a number of projects. Here is what I learned...

It’s all grace

I'm taking a walk with a giraffe and share my thoughts on how God can change difficult times into times of grace.

The need for structure

During a nice Springtime walk, I reflect on the need to bring new structure to our lives after a couple of hectic weeks during which we all had to adapt to the new situation in the world.

How to connect in times of social distancing?

: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 47:29 — 44.2MB)Social distancing is starting to weigh heavily on all of us now that many of us have been stuck at home for several weeks. I share some thoughts on how I try to reach out to the...

Slow down, you go too fast

: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 55:29 — 51.5MB)Tips on how to deal with the new situation caused by the Corona virus. Subscribe to the feed via RSS | iTunes | Google Play Music. Follow me on social media: Father Roderick on...

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