The Walk

The Walk with Fr. Roderick: a podcast in which we walk from one Camino to the next!

In the zone

Sometimes you can reach a hyper-focused, super productive and creative state of mind. The world around you disappears and time flies by without you even noticing it. How can you get into 'the Zone' and how do you stay in it?

How to slow down time by setting new goals

We all experience that time seems to pass by faster when we get older. But there is a remedy: change up your routines and challenge yourself by setting new goals. In this episode, Fr. Roderick shares some of his own goals for the upcoming...

The journey

This episode is all about journeys. From the moment of first contact with fellow travellers to the final destination, starting the journey is just as important as knowing where you want to go and having a roadmap to get there.


On his walk today, Fr. Roderick uses the Alohomora spell in the game Wizard Unite to free a trapped Unicorn and reflects on other ways to gain more spiritual freedom despite situations, people or behaviors that hold us back or that keep us...

The Studio Make-Over

Fr. Roderick gives an update about his current projects and talks about the start of an ambitious makeover of the Trideo studios and offices!


How Jackdaws are taking over my parish church and rectory, a summary of my adventures in Rome and an update on my father's health.

The art of doing less

Where does the drive to work too much come from? Should you always strive for maximum efficiency and productivity? In this episode, I reflect upon the art (and the importance) of doing less.

Walking the tightrope

Fr. Roderick shares his experiences while filming for his TV show: helping animals in need with the animal ambulance and the benefits from his retreat at Fr. Theo's hermitage in France.

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