Sebastiaan and Pope Francis Conquer the World

Two-year old Sebastiaan was with his parents at Saint Peter’s Basilica. When Pope Francis makes an appearance, something special happens… Fr. Roderick captured the moment on film. The video quickly went viral on Facebook, with...

Our Patron Saints

From the moment we started SQPN back in 2005, Greg Willits, Jennifer Willits and I (Fr. Roderick Vonhögen) felt we needed some patron saints to help our mission with their prayers. We traditionally started our giving campaigns on November 1, on...

Watch Fr. Roderick’s WYD Coverage on...

The whole Catholic world was in Krakow, Poland last week. Or so it might seem as several million young people and Pope Francis gathered in the hometown of Pope St. John Paul II for the World Youth Day celebrations he inaugurated.

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