Father Roderick

Father Roderick: a show about movies, travel, fantasy, TV, faith, sci-fi and minimalism.

Captain Marvel

In this episode: Rødecaster Pro first impressions; Captain Marvel review; Leaving Neverland; a plastic-free Lent; LEGO movie maker and Amazon's LOTR series is set during the Second Age.

Make it so!

In this episode: The end of the busiest three months ever; Carnival; Star Wars Celebration; Lost in Space; Transcendence; Spielberg's Netflix criticism. Also: Lent; In the Closet of the Vatican's weak ending. Picard series character breakdown.

Angels and umbrellas

In this episode: looking back at the Vatican summit; reviews of Umbrella Academy (Netflix) and Alita: Battle Angel. Also, Prime has started marketing for their Middle-earth series with a cool map; more thoughts on the Vatican summit; and a...

Thomas Aquinas, LEGO and Superheroes

In this episode: Mom is back home, Vatican hosts conference addressing abuse by clerics; Oscar Isaac about Star Wars Episode IX; The Expanse season 2; The Net with Sandra Bullock; Russian Doll. Also, Superhero feedback by Luis Escobar; LEGO as...

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