Happy Easter, Tiger King &...

In this episode: World: Happy Easter; launch of a children’s show. Entertainment: Tiger King extra episode; Messiah cancelled, Yesterday movie review Peculiar Bunch: What to say to someone who attacks my faith? Books: Edge of Tomorrow/All...

Tiger King, Picard Season 1 review, sacred...

In this episode: TV show has moved; rewatching X-Men movies & Tiger King on Netflix. Plus, How to keep God in your life; Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan and a spoiler-free review of season 1 of Star Trek Picard. Enjoy listening!

The need for structure

During a nice Springtime walk, I reflect on the need to bring new structure to our lives after a couple of hectic weeks during which we all had to adapt to the new situation in the world.

Digital Home Improvement

In this week's After-Show, recorded from home because of self-isolation, I share how I'm adapting the rectory for work and how I'm dealing with fatigue and RSI.

Contagious patients and the sacraments;...

In this episode: New plans for the year; watching 'Vikings' on Netflix; the new LOtR television series; anointment of the sick and highly contagious diseases; Marvel Unlimited Darth Vader series; Mars Rover Curiosity photo.


In this episode I share my struggle to get in shape for the Rotterdam Marathon and I talk about the parish renewal I witnessed when I visited a neighboring Catholic community.

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