Author - Trideo

The Walk – Transition

In this episode, I talk about the transition to age 50. I look back on who I have become and get ready for what is next.

The Break – Zombie Edition

The story of a black eye; Dutch Comic Con and the Holland Animation Film Festival; how a young Dutch couple ended up working in the blockbuster special effects industry; Star Trek The Next Generation; The Hobbit Extended Edition; Laetare, Lent...

The Break – Puppysaurus

In this episode: Twin Peaks, new Matrix movies; Studio update, Lent, St. Patrick's Day and abstinence, No Man's Sky, Dutch Comic Con and the Playstation VR update.

The Break – Lent and Logan

In this episode: Kidney stone attack; a review of 'Logan'; Lenten fasting practices, Spritz cookies and intermittent fasting; how your support helped our LEGO video go viral and augmented/mixed reality opportunities.

Ash Wednesday and Lent in Sixty...

Lent has almost started and Trideo produced a short video explaining the basics in just one minute. The video is available on YouTube in three languages: English, French and Dutch.

The Walk – Second Honeymoon

In this episode of The Walk, I share the deepest reasons for wanting to walk the Camino. They have to do with the origins of my priestly vocation.