Secrets of Doctor Who – The Pilot

Jimmy Akin, Fr. Cory Sticha, and Dom Bettinelli discuss and analyze the first episode of the 10th season of Doctor Who entitled “The Pilot”. They also talk about the new companion, Bill Potts; the imminent departure of showrunner Steven Moffatt and the 10th Doctor, Peter Capaldi; the incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall; and the upcoming season.

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  • I and my family have been Doctor Who fans since the 2005 re-boot with Christopher Eccleston. My wife and I have watched the series with our eldest children until they lost interest since the arrival of the 12th. Presently, my 5 younger children aged 8 through 16 still watch the available, now older, episodes via streaming. Up to this season, I’ve been able to minimize the negative effects of the faulty approaches to philosophy, religion and sexual morality with either a Catholic answer or by simply skipping certain problematic episodes such as The Empty Child and others featuring morally compromised individuals. This new season, I am finding, has simply gone too far with its agenda pushing kowtowing as it does to the diabolical LGBT movement via its gushing, positive presentation of the new companion who, even according to your thoughts in this episode, will be a constant presence at least for this particular season. I was disappointed that the three hosts and most especially that the priest did not provide clear Catholic Church, that is, Christ’s teaching respecting individuals who present as SSA or even PPH (persons practicing and/or promoting homosexuality) tendencies. For a ‘children’s show’, I can’t imagine that any of you might recommend this for any further viewing for any conscientious Catholic audience and their families.