The Break – Batman and the Internet

In this episode: We need two more winter holidays! Reviewing Today's Special (2009); LEGO Batman. Plus, How to balance your world view curating your information streams.

The Break – This was 2016!

In this episode: Looking back on the year — the year of the Rotterdam Marathon, decluttering, the year of Trideo, the year of LEGO, the year of the viral videos, the year of Patreon.

The Walk – Digital Minimalism

Decluttering an appartment is one thing. But you need to move on and apply the same principles to the digital Death Star trash compactor in your life: your computer. I tell you how I got...

Secrets of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Caution! This episode contains spoilers!! Fr. Roderick Vonhögen and Domenico Bettinelli analyze Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, looking for Easter eggs, references and hidden layers.

The Walk – Priorities Are For Today

"However we spend our time—be it surfing Facebook or exercising at the gym—those are our actual priorities." - That quote from the Minimalists hit home. In this episode, I explain why.